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We have some of the finest facial treatments in the industry. Our Skin Care Specialists are highly skilled and knowledgeable estheticians as well as friendly and kind people! We use the finest skin care products in our facials, most are imported from France. You will enjoy wonderfully scented and luxuriously feeling skin care products that are very effective in their purpose of anti-aging, wrinkle correcting, firming, smoothing or hydration. Our facials do all of this and because of these reasons, you will have the best facial of your life! Our facials are more effective and relaxing than other facials. 

We use products imported from Fiji for all of our body treatments and sugar scrubs. In fact, we use these same products in our pedicures and manicures. The lotions, oils and sugar scrubs are heavenly scented and are all imported from Fiji.

We are the most hygienic day spa and skin care salon in Parker and Lone Tree!


Youth Enhancing Facial
(75 minutes) (For wrinkle correcting, firming and softening of the skin – all skin types)

This treatment combines professional Phytomer products and a unique blend of procedures to resurface and restructure the facial skin and correct wrinkles. The result is a firmer, younger looking, more radiant face, with less visible wrinkles.
Deep Moisture and Hydration Facial
(75 minutes) (For moisturizing, softening and illumination – all skin types)

This treatment combines signature Phytomer products with a relaxing massage to moisturize and comfort the skin, which instantly reveals its natural freshness. Skin is left moisturized, plumped and velvety soft and has recovered its radiance.
Polished Signature Facial
(60 minutes)

A shortened combination of the Youth Enhancing and the Deep Moisture and Hydration Facial
Polished Microdermabrasion Treatment and Facial
(45 minutes) (for softening and smoothing - all skin types)

An in depth exfoliation of the top layer of sun damaged and dead skin cells followed by a soothing masque and moisturizer leaving behind a younger, healthier, more vibrant look.
Essential Facial
(30 minutes) (customized to your skin type)

This facial will be designed just for you to treat your problem areas. Whether your complaint is aging, sensitivity, dehydration or acne, we have the right formula for you. Your skin will be brightened and rejuvenated.
Clear Skin and Pore Cleansing Facial
(30 minutes) (For clearing acne and deep cleansing of the pores – acne prone or congested skin)

This treatment leads to a smooth, acne-free complexion. Clear acne and enjoy deep pore cleansing with a pore-heating mask and re-hydrating mask.
Eye Perfection Massage and Treatment
(40 minutes) (To treat puffiness, dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles)

This eye contour treatment combines the best of brightening, hydrating and firming ingredients to smooth, brighten and awaken the eye area. You may enjoy visible results after just one treatment.

Facial Add Ons

Pore Cleansing Add On
(20 minutes) (For skin requiring additional extraction)

Add this treatment to any one of the above facials for additional extractions to remove skin impurities.
Eye Perfection Add On
(25 minutes)

Add this treatment to any one of the above facials for additional attention to the eye area. Please see the description above under Facials and Treatments.


Lash Tinting32.95
Brow Tinting18.95

Body Treatments

Nourishing Body Wrap
For Anti Aging and all Over Body Wellness (60 minutes)

Our Guava Body Wrap uses Pure Fiji’s signature Guava products which are enriched with vitamin C which boosts collagen production and tones the skin while hydrating and nourishing it leaving skin with unbelievable softness and glow.

A raw cane sugar scrub with milk bath soak followed by application of Guava body masque to the body and a warm oil scalp massage.
Pure Fiji Sugar Scrub

A raw cane sugar scrub in your choice of scent (guava, pineapple or coconut milk and Honey). Used to exfoliate, soften, moisten and scent the body. All products are imported from Fiji and are heavenly scented! This is the same sugar scrub used in our indulgence pedicure.

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