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The concept for The Polished Nail Spa and Salon was developed when owner and operator, Lori Rappucci, found that she could not find a salon in the South Denver Metro area that met her standards of cleanliness and sanitation. She found herself traveling over 20 miles just to have her nails manicured.  As a result, the Polished Nail Spa and Hair Salon: the cleanest parker nail spa and the cleanest Parker hair salon was born.

The Polished Nail Spa and Salon’s Mission Statement

To provide excellent service in a clean, comfortable and inviting environment while using effective communication and to be involved in the community by participating in community events with a focus on events that benefit local women.

Our business philosophy is to go above and beyond the average level of hygiene and service to consistently create a delightful and anticipated experience for each guest.

We set ourselves apart from the others by following maximum hygienic practices and by hiring skilled technicians who are able to communicate effectively with each guest in a relaxing, pleasant and inviting environment for a consistent experience.

Guests of the Polished Nail Spa and Salon are able to schedule their appointments either online, or by calling the salon to speak with our receptionist. Book your appointment online now.

All  non-disposable tools are sterilized using the highest standards and all disposable tools (nail files, nail buffers, cuticle sticks etc.) are new for each guest and are never reused at the Polished Nail Spa and Salon.

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We Want You to Enjoy Your Visit

We use the utmost hygienic requirements in our salon.  For nail care, all files, buffers and other disposable items are used only once to ensure the most sanitary environment possible. Other non-disposable tools, like clippers, are sterilized after each use. In addition, our manicure and pedicure bowls are made of pure copper. There are many health benefits of copper., for instance, soaking feet or hands in a copper bowl can help to achieve a healthier immune system as well as help with joint pain from conditions like arthritis. Besides the beauty, copper naturally kills many germs and bacteria and helps reduce pain and inflammation. Positive and negative magnetic fields created by copper help energy flow through the body. Ionized copper was used by ancient Egypt to purify water. Our pedicure stations have no plumbing so bowls are removed and sterilized after each use.

You may relax with a cocktail and a small bite to eat while you enjoy your service at The Polished Nail Spa and Salon.  Visit our menu page to learn about the cocktails and snacks that we serve.

Join us for your wedding, business or girl’s night out spa parties where you may purchase spa packages to include nail, skin and/or hair care treatments. Contact us to find out about the packages that we offer.

You may also purchase some of the finest facial care, nail care and hair care products. Visit our product page to learn more about the product we carry.

We also have extraordinary membership and loyalty rewards programs that allow for discounted pricing and reward point purchases. Find out more about our membership program and our loyalty rewards program.


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